Lord Forbid That Slack Frees From The Tyranny Of Email

This is where we get one of those differences of opinion that makes markets. The idea that Slack would free us from the tyranny of email horrifies me even as it seems to please others.

If Slack can free us from the tyranny of email, it is worth at least $17bn

The problem being that Slack is a less edited form of email. As email itself is a less edited form of the physical letter.…

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Hypocrisy Over Hillary – Ivanka Trump Used Personal Email

We’re about to have the most gorgeous frenzy of utter hypocrisy over in the US. For it seems that Ivanka Trump has been using personal email to communicate with people in the White House and Administration. This breaking one of those American rules, that all such communications should be traceable and thus government will be open. At least to history anyway.

Yes, you’re right, this is Hillary all over again. Well, no, not quite, but nearly, nearly enough for politics.…

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