If Public Administration Paid Like Software, Would We See So Much Feminist Whining About Stem?

It’s entirely true that there is a certain gender disparity in the number of people employed to write software. This is not unusual in our society. There are gender disparities in may things. There’s a definite lack of female miners for example. There’s no reason why women shouldn’t or couldn’t be electricity repair linemen but there don’t seem to be many of them.

It’s even true that there’s a disparity in who trains to do which jobs.…

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The Delightful Irony Of The GKN Takeover

Something that amuses about the attempted takeover of GKN. That being that the company has grown itself through a series of takeovers covering a couple of hundred years. It’s more than a little rich for them to be claiming that a company shouldn’t be taken over therefore:

As the takeover deadline looms, MPs and unions voice fears for Britain’s industrial future if the deal is allowed to go ahead

Airbus has said it won’t be able to offer GKN new work if it can no longer guarantee long-term investment in R&D.

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