Quite Correct, Don’t Change Assisted Suicide Law, Just Ignore It When Necessary

We have that wonder of wonders, a judge actually getting what the law should be correct. For what is being said is that we should not change the laws on assisted suicide – and definitely not on euthanasia – but should instead ignore the laws we’ve got when necessary. Or even convenient. Which is indeed the correct way to be thinking about these things.

Any system of killing people is going to have mistakes in it.…

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Polly Toynbee Is For Euthanasia And Against Killing People

If we were to have a logically confused reaction to the Gosport Hospital mess – where the NHS was regularly topping people just for being, well, people – we’d rather expect it to come from someone in The Guardian, probably Polly Toynbee in fact. For the National Health Service can do no wrong, unless deprived of the necessary resources by Tory Austerity, plus there’s a definite stinking remnant of the old socialist eugenics arguments floating around the place.…

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The Graveyard Is This Way, Sir

Dr. Atul Gawande, a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is quoted in the Boston Herald celebrating a consensus reached in his state:

Massachusetts is really leading the way on this. It led the way on universal health care, on gay marriage, and it’s leading the way on this, too.

The two named successes were in politics superseding common sense and the desires of the customer (here called the “patient” for some reason). The people reaching the consensus are a coalition of four large teaching hospitals.…

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