The Man’s A Fathead – So Are Extinction Rebellion

With this climate change thing it’s worth, just occasionally, going back to look at what the established and agreed climate science actually tells us. You know, the IPCC and all that, the evidence that leads to COP 21, Paris Agreements and such blather.

So, to reintroduce Representative Concentration Pathways. RCP lower number is better for climate change than RCP higher number. RCP 8.5 means we end up broiling Flipper in the fumes of the last ice floe.…

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Extinction Rebellion Courts 5 Year Jail Sentences By Closing Heathrow For 10 Days

Internal planning documents at Extinction Rebellion show that they’re thinking of trying to close Heathrow for 10 days this summer with the use of drones. The penalty for this sort of thing is, upon conviction, 5 years prison time. If they do it they should indeed be accorded that maximum sentence. And, given the way that “conspiracy to” laws work, so should all who aid them.

Because civil disorder is indeed an important thing.

Yes, it’s possible to argue that we shouldn’t be jailing those who would save us from civilisation and the climate change it causes.…

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Quite Obviously The Extinction Rebellion Protestors Should Be Prosecuted – All Of Them

Quite why this should be controversial, why it should even be news is unknown:

Scotland Yard is pushing to prosecute all the 1,130 people arrested in the Extinction Rebellion (XR) protest as it called for tougher penalties to deter similar demonstrations. The Metropolitan Police has set up a dedicated unit of 30 officers to investigate the public order offences allegedly committed by the arrested protesters who range in age from 19 to over 70. “It is our anticipation that we are putting all of those [arrested] to the Crown Prosecution Service,” said Laurence Taylor, deputy assistant commissioner.

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Emma Thompson’s Flying Answer – If I Could Fly Cleanly I Would

Dame Emma Thompson has told us why it is that she flew into London from Los Angeles to take part in a demonstration against climate change caused by people flying around and making CO2 emissions. “If I could fly cleanly then I would”.

Well, yes Honey. That’s our entire problem with climate change in the first place. We value the things we do – all these things that make up civilisation – as we also value the idea of an environment that we can continue to live in.…

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