But We Want To Screw The British Farmers With Brexit

The Guardian treats us to a complaint about Brexit. That if we go to free trade then that will mean screwing the British farmer. Good, that’s what we want to do, screw the British farmer. That’s one of the points of having Brexit:

All this plays to my very real fear that we will be sold out as the British government desperately seeks trade deals with anyone who will have us. I believe they would happily open up our highly regulated food sector to all-comers if they’ll buy our financial services.

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Venezuelan Farming’s Bad But It’s Not That Bad Telegraph

One of the grander achievements of Bolivarian socialism is to create hunger, an actual lack of simple food, in a tropical country where plants just burst out of the ground in their eagerness. It’s similar to that incredible achievement over the water in Cuba. Any rational farming system would have the markets simply overflowing with foodstuffs, socialism leaves all hungry. It’s a vivid proof of the stupidity of that basic socialist system.

However, it has to be said that Venezuelan farming really isn’t – or at least wasn’t – as bad as The Telegraph is making out here:

The 3,500 hectare estate in Venezuela’s agricultural heartland had, like all their land, been in the family for over 100 years; it was a productive, lovingly-tended finca.

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Prison Labour Isn’t Going To Help British Farmers Pick Fruit Post-Brexit

The thought that prison labour, on day release, might be a solution to the distressing lack of Eastern Europeans post-Brexit on British farms is an interesting one. It appears at least to be a viable solution. And yet it commits that basic fallacy of thinking that human labour is homogenous, that we can just assign whomever to whatever and the job gets done. This rather striking against the grain of the one thing we know makes us truly rich, the division and specialisation of labour.…

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It’s True, People Have Fewer Children About The Time They Stop Being Farmers And Become Workers

This is something we all generally knew – or at least those who had any interest did. It’s the move off the land and into the factories – or perhaps urban environments – that cuts fertility. Young children are an economic asset in peasant farming, they’re a cost in a city. Humans do more of what is economically beneficial, less of what costs. But it’s always possible to examine the details of such:

From the farm to the factory floor: How the structural transformation triggered the fertility transition
Philipp Ager, Benedikt Herz 16 May 2019

The transition from high to low fertility rates is regarded as one of the most important determinants of sustainable long-run growth.…

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Zimbabwe’s Not Compensating Farmers For Land – Only For Improvements

Not that we ever expected those white farmers to receive proper and fully legal compensation for the land that was confiscated under Mugabe. But this current process is being touted as being compensation to those farmers when it’s only a very faint shadow of what is due. Sure, the Zimbabwean Government doesn’t have any money but that’s rather their own fault, it’s in large part due to their own stupidity – OK, Mugabe’s such – in throwing those white farmers off that land.…

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Magufuli’s Tanzania Kills Rural Development By Seizing Farms

It’s entirely true that Tanzania needs more development. It’s also true that it needs more rural and agricultural development, the country has bounteous land a lot of which is un- or barely- used. The question is, how to encourage that development of that land? The correct answer not being to confiscate it. But that’s what Magufuli’s Tanzania is in fact doing at present:

Dodoma — The government has warned Mohamed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd (MeTL), whose majority shares are owned by Mohammed Dewji, that it will revoke ownership of its (the firm’s) six farms if it (the company) fails to develop them as a matter of urgency.

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The Effects Of Brexit On Farms And Farming

There’s a certain amount – OK, a vast amount – of gross illogic being bandied about in this discussion of what will happen to British farming upon Brexit. From the National Farmers’ Union, in favour of the farmers, side an insistence that this is a Gotterdammerung which simply cannot be allowed to happen. British farmers will just go bust in their masses and we can’t allow that, can we?

Well, yes, obviously we can. The impact will really be upon the price of farmland and will thus mean that the landlords lose out.…

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A Remarkable Lack Of Perspicacity From The Guardian

Sure, we know, The Guardian, wrong about everything. All the time. And yet it’s still possible to wonder, marvel, at the ability to get things so wrong in just the two paragraphs. Here the subject is farming. There are going to be more people around and thus we might desire to increase the output of food. OK, that’s fair enough. Although the actual background here is that just the normal and ongoing increase in farming productivity will take care of the extra mouths.…

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George Monbiot’s Latest – Capitalist Economic Growth The Solution To Environmental Problems

Once the further shores of the environmental and ecological movements understand what George Monbiot is saying here he’s going to get excommunicated from the Temple of Gaia. George is probably safe though, as getting an ecologist to understand an economic point is as productive as taking comportment lessons from Philip Green. Still, what Monbiot is saying is entirely true, the way out of ecological problems is economic growth. And as even Marx himself pointed out, the system which produces that is this free market and capitalism blend.…

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The Ludicrous Claim That Indian Farming Is Too Mechanised

Delhi is suffering from the usual winter smog. This is not, as it might be with say Beijing, because there’s too much coal burning going on, too much industrialisation. Rather, it’s because of, at least in part, the burning of the stubble of the paddy crop. Given this difference in cause the solution is of course different. On the road to which we find the entirely ludicrous claim that Indian farms are too mechanised. That they’ve reached their limit, in fact should retreat from where they are.…

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