Love Island Needs More Land Whales – Sheesh, It’s Entertainment Folks

Of course we knew that this would happen as it follows the same basic playbook every time. First the demand is that those who are different be regarded as fully human with all the same rights and expectations of courtesy as everyone else. Entirely right and correct that this should be so too. From signs saying “No Dogs, No Irish” through to the absence of a colour bar and the lifting of penal restrictions upon the love that dare not speak its name.…

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Fat Girls Are Kinkier

From The Guardian’s column where people reveal bits and bobs about their sex lives:

My life in sex: ‘I’ve been told that, as a fat girl, I should be grateful for attention’

Well, yes and no, yes and no.

Since I started dating in 2015, I’ve been flashed, stood up, verbally abused and generally used as a replacement for masturbation. I’ve lost count of how often I’ve been ghosted – both before and after sex.

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So Here’s An Idea – Fat Porkers Should Get More Food Stamps

What people are willing to claim as sensible policy proposals is one thing, what we all say in response is what marks us out as being an adult civilisation or not. An interesting claim here being made by an activist called Sonalee Rashatwar, that fat people should gain more in welfare. Because, you see, it requires more food to keep a fat body fat, therefore more food stamps should be on offer to those carrying that extra weight that needs to be fed.…

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Mass Delusion – Fat Is A Capitalist Plot

Mass delusions are those fashions that sweep through society from time to time. The South Sea Company will make a fortune from the assiento when no one else ever did. Tulips are worth more than houses. Socialism is an answer to anything other than the question of how do we impoverish the population? Mass delusion is slightly different, being much more locally confined:

Sofie Hagen: ‘Fat is a neutral word – I want us to reclaim it’


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James Corden’s Right, The Chubby Don’t Get To Be Romantic Leads

James Corden is entirely correct here, the chubby – the comfortably cuddly even – don’t get to be the romantic leads in films and TV shows. And if you think it’s bad for men then it is of course even more absurdly so for women. The thing is this isn’t new in the slightest. Any even vague attention paid to the physique of actors will show that they’re simply not built along the same lines as the rest of us.…

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Is It Fat Shaming To Be Concerned About Child Obesity?

That child obesity isn’t what we’re told it is is true. Chris Snowdon has shown that quite conclusively.

I show some more credible evidence and argue that the true rate of obesity among children in this age group is closer to one in twenty, not one in five. Indeed, it could easily be one in fifty.

The point being that:

I argued last month that Britain’s childhood obesity statistics are worthless. They are based on an unjustifiable assumption about the scale of child obesity in 1990 and that error has plagued every subsequent measurement.

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