Working In Legal Weed Industry Could Kibosh Immigration Status – Yes, Obviously So

There’s a certain confusion here about the legal status of cannabis and the weed industry. For the Federal government is saying that working in that legal weed industry could be detrimental – exclusionary even – to the chance of immigrants becoming citizens.

Eh? How can doing a legal job means you’re not going to get citizenship? The answer being that there are several systems of law in the United States. And weed is legal under one set of such laws and not another.…

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Kamala Harris’ Teacher Pay Rise – But Education’s Not A Federal Issue

Kamala Harris has decided to float a plan to raise teachers’ pay as part of her bid for the Democratic nomination. Which is puzzling, as she wants to get selected to run for President and K-12 isn’t a Federal issue, it’s a state and local one. So quite why someone running for Federal office should worry about this is unknown. At least, until we examine internal Democratic Party politics, where the Teachers’ Unions are major power brokers.…

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And Why Shouldn’t Federal Workers Live Paycheck To Paycheck – They Can Borrow, Can’t They?

Jared Bernstein is performing his usual useful function here, providing us with his analysis so that we know what not to believe. Here it’s about how horrible it is that Federal workers live, often enough, paycheck to paycheck and therefore cannot survive a shutdown and the missing of one of those paychecks. Except they can borrow, can’t they? As Wilbur Ross has pointed out they can indeed borrow and there’s an ecosystem of people only too delighted to lend to them too.…

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The Mistake In The Federal Climate Change Report – A Dreadful Mistake

We’ve another climate change report out from the Federal Government. This is the one that Congress asks the executive to prepare every four years. And it’s this which is driving the headlines of another 3 degree warming by 2100 and so on. Yes, Aiee! We All Die!

Sadly, this report is wrong. Anyone believing this more worrying predictions made will also be wrong. For there’s an error in the report itself. And even more of an error in the reporting about the report.…

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Paul Krugman Misses – As Do Most – The Problem With A Job Guarantee Scheme

As is usual with Paul Krugman and matters economic he’s right what he says here about a government job guarantee. As is also usual he’s less than perceptive about the real problems with a plan being proposed by people he likes. Ah, well, that’s a fairly usual human failing. But it is worth pondering what is the main and basic problem with the plan that the government is going to provide a job for whoever wants one, whenever.…

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Larry Summers, Ed Glaeser, Their Interesting Argument Against A Federal Economic Policy

Larry Summers and Ed Glaeser have teamed up with Benjamin Austin to tell us all what ails employment prospects in certain parts of America. The end result of their musings is that there should be a Federal policy to do something about it. Yet the actual logical outcome of said musings is that we should use federalism to solve this. That is, the Federal part of government should butt out of this problem.

But then, you know, that’s true of so much of modern governance.…

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