Don’t Be Silly, Of Course Boris Johnson Is A Feminist

There’s a certain amount of confused thinking going on here and it’s not by us:

Boris Johnson ridiculed for claiming he is a feminist

Why ridiculed?

Boris Johnson’s claim that he is a feminist has been ridiculed by Labour MP Jess Phillips. Ms Phillips, a prominent campaigner on women’s rights, said: ‘If Boris Johnson is a feminist, then I went to Eton.’

We have considerable evidence that Boris rather likes women, don’t we? Even that he gave  a woman a lift to exercise her natural right to have an abortion.…

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The Problem With The Feminist Case For Elizabeth Warren – Why Aren’t We Allowed To Hate Her?

Elizabeth Warren is running to be President in 2020 – that much is obvious even if campaign finance laws mean it’s all about exploratory committees and the like so far. At which point we’re beginning to see the feminist case for her, which amounts to sure, she’s not likeable, but judging a female politician on likeability is just so sexist.

No, really, that’s about it. If we all go around insisting that an unlikably populist demagogue shouldn’t be President then we’re being sexist – the truth of unlikability, populism or demagoguery can be disregarded, we’re just thinking with our penis and that’s that.…

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