No More Library Fines Because – Of Course – Social Inequality

There are indeed reasons why library fines might not be the most sensible things to be charging. But that’s different from whether they’re the optimal thing to be doing.

The American librarians, that hotbed of conservative and thus logical thought, have decided that library fines should go because, you know, poor people:

Resolved, that the American Library Association (ALA), on behalf of its members
1. adds a statement to the Policy Manual that establishes that “The American Library
Association asserts that imposition of monetary library fines creates a barrier to the
provision of library and information services.”;

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What’s So Important About Women Executives That Not Having Them Should Be A Crime?

It might well be desirable that women have an equal chance in this life. I tend to think so, we around here take that as a given actually. You know, given that we’re liberals. But equal opportunity and equal outcomes are not the same thing, not at all. Which is what makes this insistence about women in boardrooms so suspect:

City heavyweights have called on the next prime minister to punish companies that continue to keep women out of the boardroom.

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Something Must Be Done – The Terrible Failure Of Audits And Their Regulation

I think we know what will follow this news. That an auditor has been fined and banned from practice as a result of cocking up an audit – in this case BHS – shows that we must have a new regulatory structure for audit. That’s not, when we come to think about it, quite the lesson to be drawn. Rather, if we’re fining and banning those who do bad stuff, don’t we have an effective regulator already?…

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Apple’s $1.8 Billion Tax Backpayment To Ireland Is Not A Fine

It has to be said that there’s a certain amusement that Apple is now paying some parts of that tax bill to Ireland. The first $1.8 billion has been delivered, so we hear. The amusement that this is coming mere months after the changes to the US tax laws which mean that the money probably isn’t owed anyway. For that has been the effect of Trump’s changes to US tax law. As the profits will now be taxed in the US therefore the EU’s case that they’re not being taxed anywhere rather falls away.…

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