But Fans Don’t Own Football

Fans are the customers of football, not the owners. Which makes this rant against Amazon Prime a little odd:

Players will earn more, clubs will spend more; every part of the football industrial complex will welcome this frothing new income stream. But in reality this money comes, as ever, from those who pay to watch. The entry of BT Sport into this marketplace was similarly trumpeted as a golden moment of choice. In practice it became necessary for football supporters to pay twice, to engage with yet another monthly contract, just to receive essentially the same service.

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Are We Sure That Mariana Mazzucato Understands The Basic Concepts Of Economics?

On the basis of this Professor Mazzucato seems entirely unaware of even the simplest findings of the subject she herself is a professor of:

As our Swindon correspondent explains:

“Well, the simple answer is that it’s about supply and demand.…

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Danny Rose Can Walk Out Of Football Any Time He Likes – Racism Or Not

There seems to be a basic misunderstanding here from Danny Rose. OK, he’s a footballer, he’s paid for his physical skills, not employment of logic. But he’s stating that he can’t wait to get out of football because of the racism in the game, the authorities inability or lack of desire to deal with it. No, we don’t condone the racism nor the insults, nor even the lackofdoinganythingaboutracism.

But we would like to point out that we live in a market economy.…

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