European Union’s Lies About Fossil Fuel Subsidies – It’s Just Lower VAT On Household Energy Bills

The European Union has a report out telling us that the UK provides more fossil fuels subsidies than anywhere else. This is nonsense nonsense amounting to a lie. But then when did something like that ever stop The Guardian? Or the EU for that matter:

The UK leads the European Union in giving subsidies to fossil fuels, according to a report from the European commission. It found €12bn (£10.5bn) a year in support for fossil fuels in the UK, significantly more than the €8.3bn spent on renewable energy.

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These People Are Insane – Climate Change Edition

So, let us go along with the current preoccupation that climate change is the biggest threat to mankind today – rather than, say, Donald Trump, The European Union, destitution and poverty or Simon Cowell. Let us also say that we’d like to do something about it. We’d still end up saying that these people are insane in their approach to what to do about it all:

Climate change could be kept in check if a phaseout of all fossil fuel infrastructure were to begin immediately, according to research.

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Entire Drivel About Climate Change Again

Again with the perhaps this expansion of the universities was a bad idea – this time on the subject of climate change. We’re presented with a statistic that has absolutely no possibility whatsoever of being true. One that’s an entire misunderstanding of how economies and emissions actually work. And yet it’s used as the basis for a plan – plans based on ludicrosity have a habit of not working. So, here is the stupidity:

It is really important that we – that is, the vast majority of humanity who will or already are suffering the effects of dangerous climate change – move past “national action plans” and start to take action immediately against two groups largely responsible for climate change.

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Meaning Nothing – Ireland To Entirely Divest From Fossil Fuels

Ireland has proudly announced that it is the first country to entirely – no, totally – divest from fossil fuels. This means rather less than nothing, as it doesn’t actually mean that Ireland won’t be using any fossil fuels. It just means that the State itself, the funds it controls, won’t be buying shares in fossil fuel companies. Not buying Shell or BP stock is not a great blow against climate change:

Ireland is set to become the first country to stop public investments in fossil fuels.

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