Greenpeace Is Complaining About Bananas Into The Pacific From Fukushima

That Greenpeace is more than a little crackers about radiation is something we all should know. They complain about trivia, things that are tiny fractions of addition to the radiation we all absorb every day. Levels of radiation that we’ll not actually be able to monitor, things that will make no difference at all to any man nor beast.

But, you know, that’s Greenpeace. Their latest being worries about the release of radioactive water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean.…

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Japanese Rains Kill Multiples Of Death Toll From Fukushima’s Bananas Radiation

There have been significant, severe, rains in Japan. Scores have lost their lives and some 2 million are being told to move, evacuate. All a tragedy of course, most especially for those dead and those they leave behind. However, it does give us an opportunity to put something into perspective – the damage done by that nuclear power plant at Fukushima blowing up. The financial damage done was of course vast. That to humans and human life, not so much.…

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