Fawcett Society Has That Female Problem With Numbers – Math Is Hard Said Barbie

Yes, OK, we know that a group of women like the Fawcett Society is going to have to find something to complain about. Eve did, after all, whinge her way out of Paradise. But we’d all hope they could do better than support Barbie’s stereotype that math is hard. Sadly not though:

Progress on closing the gender pay gap is “dismally slow”, according to equality charity the Fawcett Society.

At the current rate of decline it will take 60 years to eradicate the gap, the charity said.

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Men And Women Differ About Competition – A Cause Of The Gender Pay Gap

Than men and women have different – on average of course – appetites for risk is well known. That this extends to different attitudes toward risk isn’t all that surprising. From South Korea we find that this difference contributes substantially to the gender pay gap. That is, there is something inherent about male and female that leads to different economic situations. Why this should be such a surprise n a sexually dimorphic species is unknown:

Gendered behaviour under psychological pressure: Evidence from a Korean quiz show
Alison Booth, Jungmin Lee 11 May 2019

The gender pay gap in South Korea is the highest in the OECD and South Korean women are under-represented in public life.…

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We’ll Never Get The Gender Pay Gap Right Without Dealing With Pensions

As any even casual acquaintance with the economics of income and wages will tell us pensions are simply deferred wages. The amount that you or I earn from going to work on any one day is the total amount of money – in fact, compensation, so including things like free choccies if we work in a choccie factory – that we gain from having gone to work that day. That will be, obviously enough, our wages for that day.…

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This Is Where The Gender Pay Gap Comes From – Motherhood

It’s the disruptions of motherhood which create the gender pay gap. So, just what does motherhood do to lifetime working patterns? From The Conversation:

Data show how American mothers balance work and family

Almost 70% of American mothers with children under 18 work for pay.

But motherhood remains disruptive for many women’s work lives. American women earn almost 20% less per hour than their male peers, in part because women disproportionately take responsibility for raising children.…

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For Equal Pay Day – How To Kill The Gender Pay Gap

There is only the one solution which will actually work. Our problem, if we wish to view it as such, is that men and women have different propensities – note propensities, not certainties – for desiring to care for their own young children. It is only changing that which will eliminate the gender pay gap:

Think through this again. Assume even that I’m right, the gender pay gap is a consequence of, and only a result of, a generally and on average difference between men and women in the desire to care for young children.

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For International Women’s Day – Math Is Hard Says Barbie

Some half of companies have managed to close their gender pay gap in this past year. That means that some half have not – the maths of averages thus telling us that there’s not actually been much change.

Of course, to really complete the Lake Wobegon trick we’d need to find that the other half of companies have reported worsening gender pay gaps. Which, while being not far off what we do have isn’t quite and exactly so:

Pay figures show 50% of employers have narrowed gender gap

In more detail:

Of the 1,510 companies who have reported to date for both years, 756 (50%) improved their gender pay gap.

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World Bank’s Wrong About Gender Equity Laws And The Gender Pay Gap

We have an assertion from the World Bank that only some very few countries have strict employment equality laws concerning gender. That’s true enough. They then go on to assume that having such strict employment gender equality laws are a good thing. Will, for example, lower the gender pay gap. There’s no evidence at all that this is true. Thus the impetus to have the strict gender equality laws seems to lack a certain justification.…

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Can You Believe This Academic Argument About The Gender Pay Gap?

Another entry in our register of reasons to doubt the expansion of the universities. Look at the level of logic that has gone into this piece of research. There’s a gender pay gap in British universities and sure, there is. Not as large as they say as they’re glossing over full and part time, career breaks curbing rises to the top and all that. But, still, there is a pay gap.

As they identify there’s a digital skills gap too.…

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Annals Of Stupidity – Gender Pay Gap Is Really 51% Edition

Given that women who do the same job as men, in the same company as their male brethren, earn within 1% of what the men do, we might think that we’ve solved the gender pay gap. Because people doing the same job in the same place get the same pay. As this reality – and legal requirement – has sunk in we’ve had ever greater stretches to find something to whine about.

This is as with poverty of course.…

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There Is No British Gender Pay Gap – Not Really

Whether or not there is a gender pay gap – women being paid less than men – depends upon our terms of reference. Women do, on average, receive less money in their wage packets than men. That is not, by any means, the end of the story.

For example, it could be that women generally work fewer hours than men. Something which would show up when we compared weekly pay to hourly. And women generally do and this does show up.…

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