The Greenies Have It In For Glyphosate – Now It’s In US Cereals

It rather looks like we’ve a coordinated move against the use of glyphosate, the ubiquitous weedkiller. Just yesterday we spotted a story from India. Someone went and tested some pulses and found that there were traces of glyphosate to be found. Traces and hundredths and less of anything that anyone at all things could even be possibly harmful to anyone.

We’re now seeing a version of much the same story popping up in the US. Someone went and tested some cereals, a place likely to have such traces, and glory be they found them.…

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India’s Pulse Market – The Latest Piece Of Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt Is Glycophosphate Residues

As we’ve seen endlessly in the tech markets there’s nothing like sowing a bit of fear, uncertainty and doubt to make sure that people don’t stray off the desired path. So we might think it is with this latest little deliciousness in the Indian market for pulses – dried peas, lentils, that sort of thing. For locals are being regaled with stories of foreign imports being laced with terribly dangerous pesticides. You know, to make sure they desire and choose the local equivalents?…

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