Free Heroin On The NHS – What Took So Long?

This is an obviously good idea the only complaint about it is how long it took them to institute it:

Addicts are to be supplied with free heroin at the NHS’s first drug-assisted treatment centre in a “last resort” bid to combat the highest drug death rates in Europe.

The drug addicts will get medical grade heroin to inject up to three a times a day supervised by NHS nurses and health experts at the Heroin Assisted Treatment” (HAT) centre in Glasgow, which will be unveiled this week.

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Instead Of Warren’s $100 Billion Opioids Plan Why Not Something That Works – Legalising Heroin?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is just licking her lips at being able to spend another $100 billion of our money. This time it’s to solve the opioids crisis- which she’ll do in the normal for Progressives manner of throwing money at things that don’t work but just measure how much is being spent! At which point we’d do well to try suggesting something that would actually work – legalising heroin. And proper, full, legalisation too. People get to manufacture and distribute legally, create brands and gain public acknowledgement of them.…

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Fatal Chico Fentanyl Overdose – Legalise Drugs Now

It could be considered more than a little perverse to greet the news of a fentanyl overdose event in Chico with a demand that drugs should now be legalised. But it is actually logical to do so. For what has killed here is the dosage of the drug and dosage is the very thing that full legalisation would cure. People are not deliberately trying to kills themselves by taking opioids, they’re being killed by not knowing how much of which opioid they are taking.…

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Fentanyl Bust Large Enough To Kill 26 Million – We’re Going To Have To Legalise The Stuff

Over in the US there’s been a drugs bust, enough fentanyl stuffed into a tractor trailer to kill 26 million people apparently. That’s, err, perhaps 20,000 years’ worth of the current fentanyl overdose rate. The only reasonable conclusion to draw from this is that we’re going to have to legalise the stuff:

The Nebraska State Patrol seized nearly 120 pounds of the drug fentanyl — enough to kill about 26 million people, according to estimates by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

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