If Only Sonia Sadha Understood What Work Actually Is

Sonia Sadha has just made a programme for the BBC about working hours. And sadly she doesn’t understand, in the slightest, what working hours actually are. This is something of a problem when you’re making a programme about working hours.

There are two other reasons to reconsider the length of the working week. We already work a 32-hour week on average (pretty much a four-day week); it’s just that it’s predominantly women who work part-time.

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Capitalism, Not Women’s Lib, Freed From Domestic Drudgery

Something that the headline writers – the subeditors – at The Guardian really do need to begin to understand. Yes, it’s entirely true that traditionally female household labour has declined massively over the past century or so. It’s equally true that there has been women’s lib over this period of time. The two are indeed connected as well. But it’s capitalism, not the agitation for the lib, that has brought it about.

Suzanne Moore’s actual piece here is fine, rather enjoyable in fact.…

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