Whistleblowers Should Be Sacked Says Government

Gavin Williamson has been summarily executed by the Prime Minster – for allegedly letting the cat out of the bag over something that the Government intended to do with Huawei that might well affect our safety.

In laymans parlance he is accused of being a whistleblower, and the government sacked him for it. Which is rather contrary to their official national policy here.

Worth noting also that he strenuously denies the allegations and said he welcomed a proper investigation instead of this kangaroo court.…

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Huawei, Intelligence Backdoors and Encryption

Jeremy Hunt may well be right here. But he’s more right than he might be comfortable thinking about:

Huawei is legally-obliged to co-operate with Chinese intelligence services, Jeremy Hunt warns

Chinese law may well say that. We’ll run with the idea that Hunt has been so informed at least.

Britain should be cautious about allowing Huawei to help build Britain’s 5G network because it is legally-obliged to co-operate with the Chinese intelligence services, Jeremy Hunt has warned.

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To Explain The Huawei Iran Sanctions Story – Yes, US Law Applies

That the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, a Chinese company, has been arrested in Canada over issues of breaking American law might seem a little odd. Seriously? How can someone in a Chinese company in China break US law? But I have to tell you – and this is from direct personal experience, I’ve been there and done this – US law really does apply. Assuming, that is, that what we’re told abut the story so far is correct.…

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