We gaze out on the world from our window and see the hold-up. No, not that kind. The kind that gets us economists all hot under the bonnet. No, and it’s not what you’re thinking. Clean your mind.

It’s this that grabbed our attention:

Audi’s Hungarian workers end one-week strike

A headline from Automotive News Europe. As you can see, we’re nothing if not eclectic here in our reading habits at the Continental Telegraph.


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Orban Hasn’t Banned Gender Studies – Hungary Just Won’t Pay

This seems a fair enough move to me. Not necessarily the specific decision – although that’s joyous of course – but the underlying principle. If the State funds teaching and research then the State gets to decide which subjects are taught and researched. We don’t have programs looking into the milk based cheesiness of the Moon. You don’t have a claim on the tax paid by others if you wish to study Klingon. And rightly so.…

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Viktor Orban’s Populism Is Just The Democracy The Establishment Doesn’t Like

Viktor Orban’s just won a thumping third election victory in Hungary. This is being derided as simply populism. Populism being just successful democracy but of the kind that the right on and bien pensants don’t approve of. Say that, for example, there shouldn’t be too many foreigners and the voters agree with you then that’s populism. Say that, for example, we should soak the rich and the voters like that then that’s statesmanship winning an election, not populism.…

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