The EU Are Much Too Modest About Their Products

Clear product labelling is so important – consumers need information in order to be able to make rational decisions about the products they buy and consume.

The origins of products is particularly important, and as a proud European I feel that the Soviet European Union has for too long been overlooked in the vital role it plays in bringing to our supermarket shelves some of the best products in the world. Commonly, wine labels will say “Produce of France” or Produce of Spain” with no mention of the Soviet European Union at all – this is scandalously nationalist.…

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The Chicken Coop


We love eggs but wouldn’t bother to keep chickens in order to get any. We prefer to buy them in the supermarket. But absent a market we’d have to keep those little cluckers in our back garden. Feed ‘em and keep the fox out. A bit of a nuisance really. What we want to do is get the eggs without having to keep the chickens—a bit like a derivative in a way. Get the outcome without the bother of having all the other stuff.…

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Chickens coming home to roost?

Well, well, well. Scaremongering and doomists have been predicting the end of Britain once we Brits leave the European Union—and a double dose of hell if it happens without a deal. We’re doomed, as Jamie Frazier would say.*

Then we read the following in the Financial Times:

Brussels rejects plea for dual-listed London shares trading

EU asset managers warn they could move to UK because of commission’s stance Brussels has rebuffed calls from EU asset managers who want to continue trading dual-listed shares in London after a no-deal Brexit, in an indication of the European Commission’s tough stance on financial services.

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We’ve been watching the deroulement (a nice little French word there that sounds a lot like what’s going on—a clash of Titans [and no, it doesn’t mean unwinding, it means event or operation]) of exiting the EU with some interest. As a person living in the Sceptred Isles, we’re part of it whether we want to be or not. But the same goes for those living in the European Union.

Perhaps Parliament in its wisdom (that would be cool, eh?) when it passed the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 knew what an argy-bargy leaving the EU was all going to be.…

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Diesel Hurt

Sometimes we emerge from our pit to gaze out of the window at the world about us. What we see is our street. And parked in neat rows, lots of cars. Sometimes, they even move, but for the most part they’re just there. These expensive little toys that we like to have. They are used—so it is said—to take people from point A to point B. Sometimes.

The average car in Britain drives circa 10,000 miles per year.…

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Jetting Off

We’re as fond as flying as the next guy. Really. That wonderful experience that allows you to get from A to B and back again in the twinkle of an eye. We’ve flown around in pretty much everything and can recall, as a young ‘un, a particularly lovely flight to Alderney many summers ago. As we touched down on the grass strip, we skidded on the morning dew and eventually the prop plane drew to a stop near the shed that served as the terminal.…

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We gaze out on the world from our window and see the hold-up. No, not that kind. The kind that gets us economists all hot under the bonnet. No, and it’s not what you’re thinking. Clean your mind.

It’s this that grabbed our attention:

Audi’s Hungarian workers end one-week strike

A headline from Automotive News Europe. As you can see, we’re nothing if not eclectic here in our reading habits at the Continental Telegraph.


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