As I Predicted – Legal Cannabis Is Going To Plunge In Price. 50p A Pack Maybe?

There ‘s an important point about capitalism, trade and markets, which people really, really, fail to grasp. Which is that the trio do one thing very well indeed, they make things terribly cheap. Which is good of course, things getting cheaper means we can have more of them, we’re richer. This is going to be true of cannabis just as much as it is or has been of mobile phones or wheat over the years.

We’re even seeing the beginnings of this process:

Tory Party deputy chairman’s dancer-turned-barrister cousin buys 4,000-acre farm in Sierra Leone to grow and import cannabis after obtaining licence to make drug for use in medicines

OK, best not to look at the details here, some blockchain stock on an unknown exchange is issuing stock to buy a company which has the right to grow pot in Sierra Leone.…

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Egypt’s Very Silly Decision To Grow More Rice

It’s not particularly the decision here itself which is wrong as Egypt plans to grow more rice to cut the import bill. It’s the entire madness of the manner in which the decision to plant more rice was made. Because a central bureaucracy simply isn’t the right place to be making the decision about which crop is planted in which field. There’s just no way that even bright people sitting in Cairo know what should be planted in the Delta.…

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Well, Who Would You Believe? Ethiopia’s Contaminated Wheat Shipment

An interesting little exercise in who to believe here. Ethiopia is importing wheat, a not uncommon occurrence. It’s a government agency buying the wheat, again not uncommon there even if not quite the way we’d do it ourselves. There’s a claim that the wheat imported wasn’t fit for human consumption. The Ministry responsible denies this and insists that it was just fine. There was some infestation but this was dealt with and all is cool.


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Kenya’s Very Silly Ban On Second Hand Car Imports

Kenya has a strange – silly even – ban on the import of certain second hand cars. Even if we accept – which we don’t – the reasoning behind the ban on cars over a certain age that’s still the wrong way to achieve the desired goal. Thus, yes, the system is silly.

The aim, the declared one at least, is to reduce emissions. OK, let’s run with that for the moment. So, cars that are older than 8 years cannot be imported.…

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The National Farmers’ Union Is Spouting Drivel About Food And Brexit

It’s not greatly difficult to work out what the National Farmers’ Union wants out of Brexit. More of our money. But then the NFU’s reason for existence is to argue that farmers should gain more of our cash. The problem they’ve got is that membership of the European Union means they’re showered with that cash. But also that food is more expensive than if we were outside the EU. They want to preserve access to the money, obviously enough, but it’s a bit difficult to do so when we all should know that leaving is going to make food more affordable.…

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