GoFundMe Bans Israel Folau’s Outrageous Homophobia And Gay Hate

Isn’t this just such a lovely example of today’s liberal public settlement? If you are guilty of wrongthink then you’re banned from using the usual societal tools. Even, banned from using the tools which many use to establish, in the courts and the law, their rights.

Sure and of course any private business can deny the custom of anyone they like. But that such are being banned on such nakedly political grounds might give us all a little pause for thought.…

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Israel Folau’s Speech – Sermon Perhaps – On The Evils Of Child Transgenderism

Israel Folau isn’t backing down from his views on gay marriage, child transgenderism and all that. Which is fine – of course it’s fine. He is indeed allowed his views and also to speak them – that’s what a liberal society means. Being liberal doesn’t mean we’ve got to agree with him. Nor praise him for his views, support them, approve of them. But we do have to tolerate him, his views and his right to express them.…

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Israel Folau Discovers The Limits Of Free Speech For Christians About LGBT

Israel Folau is about to get sacked from both his jobs, playing rugby for Australia and the Waratahs. The reason being that he’s been making the standard historical Christian insistences about LGBT matters.

Now, I have to admit I’m perfectly fine with a world in which this can happen:

Israel Folau is to be sacked by Rugby Australia following his latest social media posts, leaving the Wallabies facing the prospect of heading to the World Cup in Japan without one of their best players.

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