The Lesbian Deported For Ugandan Discussions With A Man

This story is just quite lovely, so many levels to it. There is, obviously enough, the Private Eye fnarr fnarr over Ugandan discussions:

A lesbian asylum seeker kicked out of the UK because she was caught in bed with a man

Said lesbian originating from Uganda of course.

And yes, that particular joke does go one stage further:

In his judgment, Mr Justice Lewis recorded that the woman’s response to questioning over her relationship with the man was that they had not had sex but that she was considering getting pregnant.

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Geri And Mel B’s Lesbo Fling – Did You Know The Spice Girls Are Touring Again?

As the old saying goes there’s no such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell your name right. Which, without being excessively cynical, is probably the way to view this little story that Mel B and Geri Horner once had one of those steamy lesbo flings. For, as you’ll not be surprised to hear, the story is all over the place. Even the story of Mel B playing it down is all over the place.…

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Who Knew? Promiscuity Differs By Sexual Taste

That sporty women report more sexual partners – on average of course – than the non-sporty isn’t all that much of a surprise. Sporting women is a euphemism after all. As the researchers note, it might just be getting out of the house and meeting people that does it. No, that’s not an excuse for Taliban-like cloistering of women. That non-surprise explains a possibly apocryphal Irish result from the pub smoking ban – STD rates went up.…

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If Straights Can’t Play Gays, Does That Mean Gays Can’t Play Straights?

Something odd is going on over in the world of make believe. There’s seems to be considerable confusion over what acting is all about – pretending. That being the job of an actor, to pretend. There are very few Danish princes treading the boards but someone has to play Hamlet. Oddly enough those shot, blown up and stabbed on screen don’t in fact die, they get up again and still do panto at Christmas. Not all the people playing the good guys really do rescue kittens as a hobby even though it is of course true that all the bad guys really do eat babies for breakfast.…

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