Environment Agency Blamed For Catastrophic Flooding At Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, Not Badgers

This isn’t quite being said out loud at present, it’s only being hinted at. But it looks like we could have the Environment Agency itself to blame for that catastrophic flooding at Wainfleet in Lincolnshire. As with their insistence that the Somerset Levels shouldn’t have been drained in the first place so why not let them flood back to marshland?

The actual story being told is their nonsense with badger setts.

Badgers burrowing into river banks in Lincolnshire has been blamed for the catastrophic flooding which saw hundreds of people evacuated.

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If Spalding Has A Boys School And A Girls School Why Not Gendered Activities?

One of these little events that rather seems to have got blown out of proportion. Up in Lincolnshire the local schools were offering, to primary school pupils, the opportunity to come see what the big boys and girls do when they move onto the Big School. Part of that community reachout – what we might more usefully call marketing to the target population – so that people have more information about where they’d like to go to suffer the agonies of puberty.…

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