Bernie Sanders’ Ignorance On McDonald’s And The $15 Minimum Wage

Bernie Sanders is displaying his ignorance of matters economic here. Even, actually, his complete disregard for basic arithmetic. But then you know, politician in election season, we are really going to hold him to some standard of truth and honesty, right?

So, the basic idiocy:

“If Amazon can raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour there is no reason that McDonald’s, a company that took in $1.4bn in profit and paid its CEO $22m, can’t pay its workers a living wage,” said Sanders in a statement.

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McDonald’s Unsurprising App Problem – Hackers Can Use It To Buy Free To Them Food

It is indeed true that stealing large numbers of McDonald’s hamburgers is unlikely to make you rich. They’re not exactly a viable currency and despite those stories over the years they tend not to keep well – not a good store of value therefore. But if something can be stolen a useful guide to human beings is that it will be stolen. So it should be entirely unsurprising that a McDonald’s app has been hacked and used to steal food.…

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McDonald’s Ditches The Fancy Signature Burgers To Focus On Quarterpounders

There’s an old saying that the cobbler should stick to his last. The thought being that – a last is the metal workbench that you shape a shoe upon – experts in something should continue to be what they’re expert in. Not try to go off and do what they’re not very good – or at all good – at. So here with McDonald’s. Sure, there’s a growing appetite for fancy burgers with different toppings and additions.…

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Foolish Demand For Vegetarian McDonald’s – Just Eat Elsewhere, Silly

The modern world isn’t exactly short of people and places happy to take your money in return for items more or less comestible. Which is what makes this petition for McDonald’s to add a vegetarian burger to its menu so silly, even odd. You don’t want to eat ground what is euphemistically called beef? Then don’t go to McDonald’s. Go gather with the other whey faced around the corner for your ground kale.

More than 160,000 people are petitioning McDonald’s to add a vegetarian protein option to its menu across the US – just as it added the “McVegan” internationally.

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Snigger, McDonald’s Loses European Union Trademark Upon “Big Mac”

This is unlikely to be one of those judgments or rulings that stands although there’s sometimes a certain mystification as to European Union law – McDonald’s seems to have just lost the European trademark to “Big Mac” as a name for a burger. The idea that this doesn’t extend out, wide enough, to stop someone else having something called a “Supermac” seems fair enough. But losing the Big Mac mark looks very odd indeed:

McDonald’s has been stripped of its European Union trademark for the Big Mac hamburger in humiliating defeat after a “David and Goliath” legal battle with Supermac’s, an Irish fast food chain.

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Why Take A Dead Raccoon To McDonald’s? For Dinner? To Be Dinner?

This is San Francisco because of course it’s San Francisco but a gentleman took a dead raccoon with him to McDonald’s and placed it upon the table. Because, you know, why not?

Perhaps why not isn’t a sufficient answer so we’ve got to ask why? At which point, well, maybe he thought dinner would revive the beast? Possibly he was convinced that the raccoon would be a better dinner than McDonald’s provides? We’d all run with the potential that it would smell better at least, right?…

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Trolling McDonald’s – Burger King’s Wondrous Whopper For A Penny Promotion

This is a quite lovely troll of McDonald’s here by Burger King, almost as good as that sadly unsuccessful one in Holland where a bloke said he felt 20 years younger so why wasn’t he? The point being that you can order a Whopper – the Burger King thing – for only 1 cent. But you can only do so if you’re standing in a McDonald’s at the time.

We’ve finally reached peak-absurdity in the Fast Food Universe.

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Île d’Oléron – Banning McDonald’s Is Proof You Think People Want McDonald’s

A standard part of the prodnose playbook is to insist upon banning something you don’t like. Say a supermarket being built in your town in order to preserve the High Street. Or to ban McDonald’s from opening a restaurant in order to preserve another way of life. Which is exactly what is going on in the Île d’Oléron, an island off La Rochelle in France.

The bit people seem not to grasp being that the very act of trying to ban is an admission that many people would like to have one.…

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Here’s Your Higher Minimum Wage – McDonald’s To Install No Wage Self Ordering Kiosks In 1,000 Stores A Quarter

Concerning the minimum wage we still have our equivalent of economic flat earthers. Those who insist that if we raise the cost of labour then people won’t use less labour. The contortions they go through to try and insist that this is so, that prices do not alter demand, are most impressive. But reality does have a manner of finding out those whose beliefs are not in accordance with it. So it is with recent minimum wage rises in the US.…

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McDonald’s Pays Over Minimum Wage But Surprise! Not a $ Over Everywhere

Back a while McDonald’s announced that it would be paying – in those company owned restaurants where it controls the wages – a $1 over the local prevailing minimum wage. This was not, no way, because they thought this just or righteous, it wasn’t even because the Fight for $15 was on their case. It was because the labour market was getting tighter and finding someone who could both breathe and walk at minimum wage alone was getting ever tougher.…

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