Fancy That, There Are Costs To Financial Regulation

We really must control the banks you know. Fat Cat B’stards that they are, can’t have them just doing as they wish!

The problem with this is that there are costs to everything. And the more we control he bankers then the less finance flows through to firms. Which, given that a reasonable purpose of a financial system is that firms get financed means that perhaps we don’t actually want to regulate them bankers too much:

The micro impact of macroprudential policies: Firm-level evidence
Meghana Ayyagari, Thorsten Beck, Maria Soledad Martinez Peria 11 December 2018

Macroprudential tools have been implemented widely following the Global Crisis.…

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Microplastics Found In Every Human Gut – Microplastics Aren’t A Problem Then, Are They?

Just announced research tells us that microplastics – tiny bits of plastic whatevers – have been found in the gut. Well, more accurately, the production of the gut. Of all the humans who were tested. This tells us that microplastics aren’t a problem, doesn’t it? If we’ve all got ’em and we’re all not being murdered in our beds by ’em then they’re not a problem.

Scientists discover plastic in faeces of every person who took part in Europe-wide study
Up to nine different types of microplastic found in samples from each participant

The point being that while slightly interested in the prevalence of the plastics we’re massively interested in the prevalence of harm from whatever.…

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