Actual Real Science, How Does A Year In Space Age A Twin – Or A Year On Earth

Something from the Conversation. Nasa has identical twins, both of whom were astronauts. One of them spent a year up at the ISS. So, what’s the effect upon the body’s ageing process of that year in space? How does it differ from a year down here?

Actually, rather a fun piece. Proper job science as Jethro would say:

Does a year in space make you older or younger?

Daily life aboard the International Space Station moves fast.…

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Nasa And India Confirm The Environmental Kuznets Curve As World Greens

A standard finding in economics has just been confirmed by Nasa – the world greens as it gets richer. The latest studies show that the world is indeed getting greener and that it’s India and China leading the way. This is as it should be, as it has been predicted it will be too as a result of something called the environmental Kuznets curve. Essentially, truly poor places will cut anything down in search of the next meal, it’s as a place gets richer that people have the option to make it look nice too.…

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