The Guardian’s Right – New Zealand Has Had Leading Government

The Guardian wants to tell us all how Jacinda Ardern is just great, gosh, absolutely fab. In doing so they tell us that New Zealand has always had a rather leading edge to its government. Which is, of course, true:

New Zealand has long been the social laboratory for progressive policy reform; it led the world into the 20th century with the introduction of female voting and the old-age pension. In more recent times it seems that for every policy success achieved by New Zealand, Australia has suffered an equal and opposite failure.

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That New Zealand Treasury Hacking – It Was The Site’s Search Function

We are all aware of what the selling point of technocratic, even social democratic, government is. Put all the bright people into government, give them access to our wallets and watch, amazed, as they solve our problems for us. We might even call this The Courageous State or the like.

Then we have the governments we do in fact have. With little evidence that we’ve attracted the very brightest to the calling.

The alleged “systematic” hack of New Zealand’s budget papers turns out to be nothing more sinister than a bit of internet searching.

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If Brenton Harrison Tarrant Is A Fascist Then He’s A Left Wing Terrorist, Obviously

That gross and appalling tragedy in New Zealand. Nutter opening fire at mosques as Friday prayers take place. Yes, obviously, a tragedy and appalling. We’re in tautology territory here. And yet there’s something wrong with the reporting of this. Benton Tarrant is being described as a fascist, possibly an eco-fascist. This could well be true. He’s also being described as right wing. That could be true too. What is not possible is that he is both fascist and right wing – for fascism is, by definition, a left wing phenomenon, ideology.…

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Ikea Leaves New Zealand Off Map – After Announcing Store In NZ

Apparently Ikea is going to drop a store or two into the Pacific Ocean – at least, according to their own map they are. Ikea has a lovely map you can hang on the wall, the Bjorksta, which manages to leave New Zealand entirely off. And yet Ikea has also announced that they’re going to open a store or two in that land that doesn’t exist. Wet furniture is such a turn on, eh?

The furniture chain Ikea has apologised after becoming the latest offender to leave New Zealand off a map.

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New Zealand’s Perfect Tax – Tourists Are Foreigners, Right?

New Zealand has decided to bring a Monty Python sketch to life. They’ve decided that the best way to finance the government of New Zealand is to tax foreigners living in foreign countries. This has the undoubted benefit that foreigners living in a foreign country cannot vote against the politicians imposing the taxation. Something of great interest to politicians of course. The problem is that said foreigners do still have the choice of not turning up and thus not paying the tax:

Tourists to New Zealand are set to be stung with a new tax but Australians have been given a free pass.

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Jacinda Ardern Discovers That Prices In A Free Market Look Just Like Those In A Manipulated One

One of the things that it’s terribly, terribly, hard to explain to the hard of thinking is that prices in an entirely free and competitive market will look exactly like those in a producer operated oligopoly or manipulated market. This is what leads to Scott Sumner continually telling us that we can never reason from a price change. Jacinda Ardern is finding this out in New Zealand with some nonsense about how BP sets petrol prices there.…

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