Our Agony Aunt – Your Husband Should Find A New Wife

This is not the advice that The Guardian’s agony aunt is giving but to adopt a point made by one of the Greek shipping billionaires to his second – or perhaps third – wife, time to get another one:

I’ve been married for 10 years and love my husband. He is kind, great with the kids and hard-working. But his humour is generally based on quotes from comedy sketches (often reciting the entire sketch) and long anecdotes that get triggered by a word.

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Thank God For Granny – You’re 50 Before You’re Mature Enough To Vote Tory

That the old and the young vote differently is true. Which is why we should all be giving thanks to Granny. For it’s only at about the age when one is likely to be enjoying that second generation of fecundity that one is mature enough to be voting Tory. As these two show:

Lord Knows we’re not entirely enamoured with the Tories around here these days but it’s better than this:

As the Mail goes into detail upon:

The Generation Why?

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The Young Won’t All Vote EU Remain In The Future

One argument floating around the septic tank that is British politics is the idea that the young are more pro-EU than the old. Something which is true as the inexperienced and ill educated are more likely to be wrong about things. But what happens when they grow older? Will they age into the proper attitude of hating the EU? Or is the country doomed to rejoin driven by their delusions?

Fortunately, this has been studied:

The future of pro-EU sentiment in the UK
Barry Eichengreen, Rebecca Mari, Gregory Thwaites 05 November 2018

In the UK’s 2016 referendum on EU membership, young voters were more likely than their elders to vote Remain.…

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