Fawcett Society Has That Female Problem With Numbers – Math Is Hard Said Barbie

Yes, OK, we know that a group of women like the Fawcett Society is going to have to find something to complain about. Eve did, after all, whinge her way out of Paradise. But we’d all hope they could do better than support Barbie’s stereotype that math is hard. Sadly not though:

Progress on closing the gender pay gap is “dismally slow”, according to equality charity the Fawcett Society.

At the current rate of decline it will take 60 years to eradicate the gap, the charity said.

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These People Are Idiots – Retail Spending Falls To Record Lows

We’re told by the assembled press of the nation that retail sales have fallen to their lowest level ever. This is of course idiocy and no such thing has happened. Not in the slightest. If we actually had the occasional numerate person working in the UK press then this mistake would not happen. For they’ve confused the rate of change – the acceleration perhaps – with the level – say, the speed. Which is, indeed, idiocy with numbers:

UK consumer spending falls to record low

Well, OK, that’s a headline, allow some slack there.…

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You’re Right The Guardian Is Lying To Us Again, This Time Shrinkflation

The Guardian tells us that shrinkflation – the process whereby we get less of something for the same amount of money – is down to Brexit. The joy of this statement being that their information source, a report from the Office for National Statistics, says precisely and exactly the opposite.

Our Word, what could have happened here? The Guardian are incompetent? Our favoured explanation is that they’re lying to us. But in the interest of robust public debate we’ll leave that determination to you:

Brexit bites: more than 200 products subject to shrinkflation, says ONS

See, it’s Brexit:

More than 200 different consumer products, from toilet roll to chocolate, shrank in size about the time of the Brexit vote.

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British Women Are Drinking Themselves To Death! – How To Understand This Report

The latest figures on alcohol related deaths in the UK are out from the Office for National Statistics and they show that women of a certain maturity have been drinking themselves to death in ever increasing numbers. This of course the very terror of the ages and no doubt real soon now we’ll be told that we just must have minimum pricing on booze.

We might actually want to think on this a little bit more and try to understand it:

Baby boomers’ drinking blamed for pushing alcohol-related deaths among women to highest ever level


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It’s Official – Public Sector Workers Make More Than Private Sector

The Office for National Statistics has given us the low down on public sector wages – they’re higher than those in the private sector. Of course, we all knew this, it only being those public sector workers themselves, plus their union reps, who ever try to argue otherwise. Quite why the tax eaters should gain more than the tax growers is never adequately explained but that is that stance, isn’t it.

It is true that we can quibble with this finding.…

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Again, If Only The Observer Understood Economics

The Office for National Statistics has decided to issue monthly GDP estimates instead of merely quarterly. No, bad idea, even if better information collection and crunching methods make it possible. The accuracy of the numbers, well, something at issue. But the real problem here is the Sir John Cowperthwaite one. Collecting such information just means some damn fool will try to do something with it.

Garry Young, the director of macroeconomic modelling and forecasting at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, said politicians and central bankers needed to know what is actually happening to the economy in real time if they are to make good decisions.

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