Stop Bitching About That Myleene Klass Pregnancy Photograph

Yes, obviously, we find Myleene Klass just as annoying as everyone else does. She’ll attend the opening of a letter if there are cameras there to record the fact. Yes, it is indeed irritating that looks and not much more by the way of talent or worth translate into such riches. But then that’s how the world works and having grumbled we can all move onto more important matters like how to we rickle the rhubarb?…

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The RNLI And Political Correctness Gone Mad

One of the sadnesses of the modern world is that any and every organisation gets taken over by the prodnoses. This includes such august institutions as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

For non-Brits, a little explanation for this is a pretty mad idea. The lifeboats aren’t run by the government. Indeed, most lifeboat men aren’t paid either. It’s a charity, one of the best supported in the country in fact. The coxswain will be paid, normally at least, but the crew are simply local volunteers.…

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