How To Lie With Numbers – Akki’s Inflation Edition

We’re told that modern day people are worse off than those in the past. Because the price of bread has risen, while wages haven’t. This is, of course, lying with numbers. Either that or the sort of gross ignorance that means the inability to chew gum and fart at the same time.

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Deary Lordy Us – iPhone Rumour Machine Grinds Into Gear Again

It’s that time of the year we’re afraid – the iPhone rumour machine is grinding into gear. We’ve now got the entire summer of speculation about what, when, which price, leaks, rumours and flat out lies over what Apple will and won’t announce as the iPhone XI to look forward to.

Some of us actually started in this journalism thing before there even was an iPhone so we’ve rather seen this all before. The simple truth being that Apple will, at some point, release something mildly different from what they already sell.…

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The Equation That Drives The Bitcoin Price

Now all we need to do is find the empirical values to plug into this equation. Even better, be able to predict them:

Speculation and the price of virtual currency
Wilko Bolt, Maarten R C van Oordt 14 May 2019

What drives the volatility of Bitcoin? This column explains a theoretical framework to link exchange rates to currency creation, speculative behaviour, and real growth in goods and services transactions. It suggests that the exchange rate will be less sensitive to speculators’ beliefs when a virtual currency becomes more established as a means of payment.…

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Why Shouldn’t Hong Kong’s Burial Plots Be More Expensive Than Living Space?

After all, they’re going to be occupied longer:

Hong Kong real estate now more expensive for the dead than the living

This is not exclusive to Hong Kong either. In certain Catholic countries – the Church was for centuries against the idea of cremation – a grave is for some few years. Until the body is largely decomposed when it is taken up again, properly flensed and the remaining bones then placed in an ossuary.…

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As I Predicted – Legal Cannabis Is Going To Plunge In Price. 50p A Pack Maybe?

There ‘s an important point about capitalism, trade and markets, which people really, really, fail to grasp. Which is that the trio do one thing very well indeed, they make things terribly cheap. Which is good of course, things getting cheaper means we can have more of them, we’re richer. This is going to be true of cannabis just as much as it is or has been of mobile phones or wheat over the years.

We’re even seeing the beginnings of this process:

Tory Party deputy chairman’s dancer-turned-barrister cousin buys 4,000-acre farm in Sierra Leone to grow and import cannabis after obtaining licence to make drug for use in medicines

OK, best not to look at the details here, some blockchain stock on an unknown exchange is issuing stock to buy a company which has the right to grow pot in Sierra Leone.…

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Solving Silicon Valley’s Housing Problem In One Fell Swoop – Build More Houses

The Guardian has one of those interminable pieces bemoaning one of the minor problems of the word. Rich people in Silicon Valley are having to pay a lot for their houses. And yes, by any global or historical standard those who come to clean those houses in Silicon Valley are rich.

The Guardian also demands some sort of solution to this problem:

Sales like this may be a harbinger. As the tech companies Uber, Airbnb, Lyft and Pinterest prepare to go public, thousands more instant millionaires are expected flood the market in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

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Gas Prices Are Rising – Blame The Environmentalists And The Regulators

This happens every year, gas prices rise in the spring. And every year we get told it’s this or that or the other – when in fact it’s the combination of the environmentalists and the regulators causing it. Hey, it might even be righteous that they should rise in the spring, that all those rules and laws from both are entirely just. But we should still put the cause as being what it is.

The annual spring rise in gasoline prices is engineered.…

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Of Course Brexit Delay Would Cause Ferry Contracts To Cost More

That we’re leaving the European Union does not mean that we have to entirely put reason and logic aside. The complaint today is that if we change the date of Brexit then those contingency ferry contracts might cost us more. Well, yes, obviously so. As anyone who thought for more than 5 seconds – or wasn’t a federast but I repeat myself – would conclude. The clue being in why we’ve got these contracts. We face uncertainty.…

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Whoops, Reverse Course! Tesla Backtracks on Price Cuts And Store Closures

Those announced changes at Tesla – forget it, back as you were. The price cuts and store closures aren’t going to be happening. It’s possible to look at this in two markedly different ways. One is that this is evidence of the remarkable flexibility of an entrepreneurial company. The very reason why the young and the new can dance rings around the industry dinosaurs. The other that this is evidence of a young and new company doing something damn foolish then realising.…

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India Raises Sugar Prices To Correct Problems With Earlier Government Mistake

India has just raised the minimum selling price for sugar in a bid to undo the problems caused by an earlier decision by the very same Indian government. This isn’t really quite the way to do it – better to undo that earlier mistake, not compound matters. But as we so often say around here, election time, who has the ability to be reasonable?

So, the news itself:

The government’s move to increase the minimum selling price of sugar will augur well for the mills and is expected to increase their operating profit margins by 6 percent, says a report.

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