Sure, Of Course, The Trump Plan Will Lower Prescription Drug Prices

The Trump Administration has announced there will be certain changes to the pharmaceutical drug market in the US. The aim is to reduce the prices paid by consumers. This will work even if we’re being told that it won’t. Clarity about pricing usually does lower prices and that’s what is being insisted upon here. Further, removal of legal privilege reduces prices and that’s also what’s happening here.

But there’s a much simpler argument or proof to be used here.…

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The Effects Of Brexit On Farms And Farming

There’s a certain amount – OK, a vast amount – of gross illogic being bandied about in this discussion of what will happen to British farming upon Brexit. From the National Farmers’ Union, in favour of the farmers, side an insistence that this is a Gotterdammerung which simply cannot be allowed to happen. British farmers will just go bust in their masses and we can’t allow that, can we?

Well, yes, obviously we can. The impact will really be upon the price of farmland and will thus mean that the landlords lose out.…

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Which? Swings And Whiffs On Black Friday Sales Prices – Of Course They’re Lower Later

Which? is the magazine – and website – of the Consumers Association. They also appear to operate a nice little affiliate buying site. Go for the reviews, buy the product through the links, they gain a commission. But, you know, why not leverage a brand?

However, they also seem not to quite grasp how the pricing of consumer goods works:

Black Friday “deals” are available at a cheaper price during other times of the year, a study by Which?…

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