Progressive And Progressive Mean Different Things

Or perhaps, without headline capitalisation, Progressive and progressive mean different things:

A Progressive is, roughly speaking, someone who self-declares that they’re going to advance society through the expansion of state power or provision. A Progressive policy is therefore something supported by Progressives, there is no other valid definition. Trade union rights, the NHS and the welfare state might all be considered ‘Progressive policies’. More recently, policies such as abolishing student fees and loans, free broadband, free dental checkups and clearing the oceans of plastic all fit into the ‘Progressive’ basket.

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The Guardian’s Right – New Zealand Has Had Leading Government

The Guardian wants to tell us all how Jacinda Ardern is just great, gosh, absolutely fab. In doing so they tell us that New Zealand has always had a rather leading edge to its government. Which is, of course, true:

New Zealand has long been the social laboratory for progressive policy reform; it led the world into the 20th century with the introduction of female voting and the old-age pension. In more recent times it seems that for every policy success achieved by New Zealand, Australia has suffered an equal and opposite failure.

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So Grandpa Death’s Labour Party Doesn’t Understand Tax Incidence Then

Either Jezza Corbyn’s Labour Party doesn’t understand tax incidence or they think that we don’t. That second might actually be true by the way. They’re suggesting that domestic rates – or is it council tax now? – should be replaced with something more progressive, something that accounts for the size of house and garden rather more than the current system does.

There are going to be problems here:

Jeremy Corbyn has unveiled plans for a new tax raid on middle-class homeowners which will see those with larger family homes and gardens pay significantly more.

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When Progressive Teaching Meets The Reality Of Human Children – Not A Pretty Sight

That progressive ideas have a certain problem when they meet – and thus conflict – with reality is obvious. If we really all were the entirely cooperative beings that certain economic theories suppose then socialism would work. As it doesn’t then we have to question that core belief about the inherent cooperativeness. Another way of saying much the same thing is that if incentives didn’t matter then that same socialism would work. It don’t so therefore serious consideration must be given to the idea that incentives – direct and personal incentives – matter.…

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It’s Condescending To Claim Ocasio Cortez’s Progressive Politics As Unworkable.

A claim in the Guardian that we’re all being condescending when we claim that varied progressive policies – akin to those being put forward by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – are unworkable. The thing is though, some ideas put forward by such progressives are unworkable. As are all sorts of other ideas of course.

For example, we cannot gain both local power without long distance trade and also renewable power without fossil fuels or nuclear. Because renewables are inherently intermittent and the only way that we can deal with that is flatten out that variance over large – very large – geographical distances.…

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Introducing The Progressive Economics Group

The Progressive Economics Group is hoping to aid and inform progressive politicians with their incisive series of briefing papers on matters of current interest. As they say, such papers should be:

Policy briefs should address an issue or issues directly relevant to economic problems facing the United Kingdom. The policy briefs are designed in particular to serve as short briefing papers for shadow ministers and their advisers, with links to longer and more technical treatments.

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