Universal Credit Is The Reason There’s No Sex Slavery In The UK

We’re often enough told that there’s some massive amount of sex slavery in Britain. This would be a bad thing as sex slavery is repeated rape. Despite what we’re so repeatedly told though there’s very little evidence of it actually happening. Operation Pentameter used every police force in the country to go look for it for 6 months. And Assembled Plod found not one single person in the entire country they could prosecute for the crime.…

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Nurses Are Unobservant – Prostitution Is Already Legal In Britain

It’s amazing quite how bitter fights can become when people don’t actually understand what it is that they’re fighting over. Nurses – the Royal College of to be precise – have voted to lobby for prostitution to be decriminalised. The thing being that it is in fact already legal.

Nurses are calling for prostitution to be decriminalised, saying it is a matter of “fundamental human rights”. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is to start actively lobbying the Government to change the law following a vote at the union’s conference in Liverpool.

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The Difference Between Sex Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation

Sex trafficking, properly defined, is the repeated rape of an individual. This is monstrous and we should – and do – fight it wherever we can. Sexual exploitation is a phrase with a less certain meaning. For what is to exploit? A Marxist would say that any worker not gaining the full value of their labour is being exploited. A feminist – at least some of them – would say that any woman – they tend to forget the existence of male prostitution – selling sex is being exploited.…

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Spanish PM Vows To Ban Prostitution – This Is How Politics Works, Folks

That we around here are against the banning or illegality of prostitution should be obvious. We’re liberals and thus rather in favour of the idea that consenting adults get to do as consenting adults wish. Sure, there might be all sorts of problems with prostitution – the underage, sexual slavery and so on. Yet is is also absolutely true that some fraction of men – a reasonable count being some 2 to 3% as regular behaviour – and some fraction of women are entirely happy with the legal options available to them.…

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Having Cake And Eating It: Part I – Sex And Death

A recent article about prostitution in Amsterdam revealed for me the stunning hypocrisy of the modern Left, and the way they are happy to use an argument AND its reverse, when it suits them.

It’s merely the latest in a long line of such hypocrisies, so I have a few pieces planned in the same vein.

Part I is called Sex & Death, because it looks at their views of prostitution and abortion.

So the mayor of Amsterdam is telling us that prostitution is an embarrassment.…

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Behold The Power Of Julie Bindel!

The noted campaigner against the very idea of something called “sex work” being a legitimate form of work, Julie Bindel, has such power! For it was only 6 days ago that, in The Guardian, she told us that New Zealand – a place which, Ptah!, has legal prostitution – had sex work as a reason why someone might be able to gain a visa. Now, only that 6 days later, possibly less given international date lines and all that, we find that this is no longer so.…

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Markets Work – Even In Sex Work, In Haiti, With Oxfam

An interesting and useful reminder that markets do actually work. Yes, even after earthquakes, with aid agencies like Oxfam around and even in the sex trade. Such voluntary exchange also makes all participants better off. That might not be how some want to think about it but it is still true – we can tell that because people are doing this of their own volition.

It’s also a useful reminder of the manner in which those first couple of pages of the economics textbook are correct.…

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