Don’t Release Tax Records – It Makes The Poor Miserable, The Rich Smug

Sure, we can say that sunlight is the best disinfectant. But revealing the amount of inequality in society might not be all that good an idea. As a study of public tax records shows, it’ll make the poor miserable and the rich smug:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the richest of them all?
Ricardo Perez-Truglia 10 April 2019

Tax records became easily accessible online in Norway in 2001, allowing everyone in the country to observe the incomes of everyone else.…

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British Universities, State Schools And The Lake Wobegon Effect

Shocking figures out today from the Higher Education Statistical Authority today as we’re told that half of British universities are letting in more of those poor dullards from state schools. Quite why they’ve taken it upon themselves to pollute the learning environment by importing more of those children too stupid to be born into the right families is…..

Ah, no, that’s not it is it? Rather, half of British universities are managing to overcome the tenor and fashion of the times to not allow more chavs into hallowed halls of learning…

Oh, not that?…

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It’s Official – Public Sector Workers Make More Than Private Sector

The Office for National Statistics has given us the low down on public sector wages – they’re higher than those in the private sector. Of course, we all knew this, it only being those public sector workers themselves, plus their union reps, who ever try to argue otherwise. Quite why the tax eaters should gain more than the tax growers is never adequately explained but that is that stance, isn’t it.

It is true that we can quibble with this finding.…

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The Bank Of England Announces That Public Sector Pay Just Rose

The Bank of England – more accurately, someone from it, Gertjan Vlieghe – has good news for public sector employees. Their compensation for turning up to work has just gone up. Equally, bad news for private sector workers for the pressure is going to be the other way. This might not be what is first thought of when discussing the yield curve post the unwinding of quantitative easing but it is all indeed so.

The point he’s making in his recent speech is that as long as no one does anything silly then unwinding all of that unconventional monetary policy isn’t going to be a problem.

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Parks Have Value D’Oh. So, We’re Richer, More Productive And Less Unequal Than We Pretend

Over the weekend we had a charity which supports the idea of public parks telling us that public parks have a value to people. That seems pretty uncontroversial of course, to the point of certainly being true. The question will only ever be, well, what value?

They tell us one large each:

Parks and green spaces generate health benefits that would cost more than £34bn if they did not exist, research by Fields in Trust has suggested.

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