So Now The Word Tinker Is Racist, Is It?

We can, I think, agree that any official use of the word “Gyppo” or the like would be considered racist in these modern times. But that doesn’t mean that a word which has negative connotations must also be racist. Or does it? This being the question we face here, with the use of the word “tinker“.

Homelessness minister accused of racist remarks about rough sleepers
Exclusive: Heather Wheeler urged to quit after she referred to ‘old tinkers, knife-cutters’

Presumably knife cutters isn’t being regarded as racist.…

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Racist Abuse On Ryanair – Who, Exactly, Is At Fault Here?

We’ve an incident of what is being called racist abuse upon Ryanair. And it’s the airline that is being blamed too, which does seem a touch unfair. They’re not the police now, are they? Certainly, one can – and should – blame the perpetrator of said abuse. One could also complain about whichever legal authority is or isn’t going to do something about it. But the airline? Their job is getting people to an airport the next county over from their destination, isn’t it?…

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