China’s Rare Earth Threat Isn’t As Terrifying As They – Or We – Think

Reports are that China is considering using its “rare earth weapon” in the trade war with the United States. This weapon is in fact rather less of a terror than either they or we think. If they actually use it the end result will be – after a bit of chaos and disruption – that China no longer has the rare earth weapon.

After all, that is what did happen last time they tried this and yes, history does repeat itself just like a bad burger and onions.…

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Japan’s Amazing New Find Of Rare Earths Is Just Like Japan’s Find Of Rare Earths 7 Years Ago

We’ve a report or two out of Japan that a vast new treasure trove of rare earths has been found offshore. This will mean that no longer will China dominate the market sector, there’s enough for all to build ever more shiny shiny new tech using them and no doubt kittens will gambol in sunshine shortly.

Well, yes, except this is remarkably similar to a report out of Japan some 7 years ago. Alex Tabbarrok tells me that the new paper shares authors with the old one in fact – I’d not noted that.…

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