Steel Can’t Go Carbon Neutral By 2030

We’ve a pathway here for steel to go carbon neutral by 2030. A least, a claim that steel can do so. The point being that it’s one of those things that simply isn’t possible, not on a global basis. So, who is making the claim and why is he making it?

How steel can go carbon neutral by 2030

Ah, that explains that then.

So, the reason steel can’t go carbon neutral is because we’re looking for the specific chemical reaction which releases emissions.…

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Change The Law For Future Jihadis, Shamima Begums, But Not The Current Lot

A fairly reasonable definition of this freedom and liberty stuff is that you might get jugged for doing bad stuff but you don’t get jugged for not doing bad stuff. The definition of whatever is bad stuff being what was defined, in law, as being bad stuff on the date that you did it.

Thus importuning in Praed Street Gents, what did for John Gielgud, was then illegal and is now likely to be celebrated with a rainbow flag march.…

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DR Congo’s Cobalt Tax Increase Won’t Change iPhone Or Car Battery Prices

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has just increased the taxes it applies to exports of cobalt, germanium and coltan. As these are used in the production of mobile phones and car batteries this is going to mean a rise in the price of mobile phones and car batteries, isn’t it?

Well, no, not really, as taxation of Ricardian rents doesn’t work that way, not unless they’re excessive.

So, this isn’t right:

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It’s Impossible To Map Or Know A Modern Supply Chain – Impossible

A nice little earner among the likely lads is to attempt to inspect supply chains. To make sure that somewhere down the line there’s no modern slavery, no blood minerals, nor raping Gaia and so on. The reason it’s a cool little earner is because it’s impossible – impossible I tell ya! – to properly map a modern supply chain.

This isn’t anything to do with capitalism, as this misguided waif seems to think, it’s to do with a market economy.…

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The Latest Allegations About Arron Banks And Russian Gold Are Pathetic

It’s becoming rather amusing to read the allegations about Arron Banks and involvement in Russian gold, diamonds and so on. All of which are alleged to be the Kremlin offering him discounted opportunities to make lots of money. Which would then be – so the logic seems to be – funnelled into the Leave campaign. And thus we prove that Russia funded the referendum, we can cancel the result and stay within the European Union.

There are certain problems with this idea.…

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Lord Preserve Us From Idiot Journalists – There Is No National Copper Shortage For Parliamentary Telephone Systems

It’s one of those cynical – some of us prefer to say realist – rules that one should never believe what is said in the newspapers. We can also add the idea (it’s actually a Law, one whose name escapes) that whenever you read an article on a subject you know about the journalist manages to get it wrong. But you then turn the page and believe absolutely everything said to you on some other point with which you are unfamiliar.…

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DR Congo Should, Righteously, Tax Cobalt And Copper Until Pips Squeak, Eyes Water

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the poorest nations on the planet, is trying to gain more of the value from the minerals extracted from that desperately poor place. This is a good idea – mineral values should be taxed until the pips squeak, until eyes water. However, they’re also going around it the wrong way and they’re going to lower, not increase, the revenues they gain over time. We’ve the interaction of the usual governmental mistake – how much can we extract now without thinking about future incentives – with properly good and decent policy upon resource rents.…

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Trump’s Sanctions And The LME’s Problem With Rusal

An interesting example of quite how complex a modern economy is – and therefore the impossibility of planning it. Too many parts connect with other parts for changes in any one detail to not reverberate through the system. So it is with Trump’s latest sanctions against naughty Russians. It’s possible that this will entirely cock the LME’s aluminium contract – the world’s benchmark price for this material.

The FT:

The world’s largest metals exchange has said it won’t accept any more aluminium produced by Rusal after April 17 unless the owners can prove it does not violate the latest set of sanctions.

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Japan’s Amazing New Find Of Rare Earths Is Just Like Japan’s Find Of Rare Earths 7 Years Ago

We’ve a report or two out of Japan that a vast new treasure trove of rare earths has been found offshore. This will mean that no longer will China dominate the market sector, there’s enough for all to build ever more shiny shiny new tech using them and no doubt kittens will gambol in sunshine shortly.

Well, yes, except this is remarkably similar to a report out of Japan some 7 years ago. Alex Tabbarrok tells me that the new paper shares authors with the old one in fact – I’d not noted that.…

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