Tactical Remain Voting At A Brexit General Election – Bring It On Quite Frankly

The People’s Vote Campaign – as vile a collection of Remoaners as the country contains – are recommending that Remoaners vote tactically at any general election called to sort out this Brexit controversy. The correct answer to this being Bring It On.

For the more people calling for tactical voting the more tactical voting there will be. And Leave is, as we know, the preference of that plurality of the electorate and that majority of those who bothered to vote when asked directly on the point.…

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Ed Davey’s Brexit Argument – The Establishment Must Gang Up Against The People

Ed Davey – known as he is as such a good reader of the political wind – has just reminded us why there’s been that populist surge in recent years. Because what the people wanted to talk about, what the people wanted the politicians to deal with, isn’t what the establishment of politicians cared to concern themselves with. Often enough, that establishment directly acting against the wishes of that populace.

Thus the irruption of elections at which the populists win, the establishment doesn’t.…

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And Here’s The EU Brexit Solution – Vote Again To Get The Answer Right

Here we’ve that delightful European Union insistence upon the correct form of democracy. Instead of it being us, the demos, who tell the authorities what we’d like them to do, what we’ve hired them to do on our behalf, we are mere sheep to be herded into making the decision desired by Our Masters. If we do actually vote for something the federasts don’t desire then we should be asked to vote again. And again, until we give the right and desired answer.…

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The Federasts’ Latest Ploy – Don’t Let Anyone Vote Leave

An interesting example of the European approach to democracy here from Jonathan Freedland. Have a new vote on Brexit but don’t allow anyone to vote upon inconvenient things like actually leaving. Give only the two options, either the leave in name only Brexit of May’s deal, the one she can’t get through Parliament, or remain anyway.

As with all the other referenda that have been had on the subject of the European Union in other countries, keep voting, keep changing the propaganda about the vote, until the Project is approved.…

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I’m All In Favour Of Justine Greening’s Second Brexit Referendum – She’s Always Been A Bit Dim

Justine Greening has just come out in favour of a second Brexit referendum. This is something I’m all in favour of. For Ms Greening doesn’t exactly have a reputation as one of the world’s Great Thinkers and so it is here. For the terms she’s laid out mean that the decision to leave will simply be underlined. Which really isn’t a sign of that great intelligence, is it? If you’re going to propose a vote on such a thing the idea is to make sure you phrase it so that your side wins, not the other:

Justine Greening became the most high profile Conservative to endorse the idea of a second referendum, to end what she said would be a likely parliamentary deadlock over Brexit, warning that Theresa May’s Chequers plan did not represent “a workable compromise” that a majority of MPs could get behind.

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Best Two Out Of Three?

Reuters reports that British lawmakers, celebrities call for ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit:

Lawmakers, celebrities and business leaders launched a campaign on Sunday to call for a vote on any final Brexit deal, stepping up a campaign to try to stop what they describe as Britain’s damaging departure from the European Union.

Ah, so it is not that the voters in the original Brexit referendum were not ‘people’ and it is desired to have a do-over that is a ‘people’s vote,’ as opposed to a manservants’ vote or pets’ vote.…

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