Great Job, Tax Refunds Down – Fewer Giving Treasury Interest Free Loan That Is

Just a small note about something that rather mystifies. There’s much American commentary each year about the amount and size of tax refunds. That is, Americans have had their taxes deducted at source all year long, then in the run up to tax day (April 15 for the US) they fill out the forms and do the detailed calculations. Was that withholding too much or not enough? If too much then they get a refund, obviously.…

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The SEC’s Right, ICOs Are Unregistered Securities And Compensation Is Due

There really shouldn’t be any surprise with this ruling from the Security and Exchange Commission over the Paragon and AirFox initial coin offerings. They were unregistered securities, ones that should have been registered. Thus the usual panoply of rules comes into effect. A fine, obviously enough, but also restitution of funds. Which is a significant problem given that the overall market has fallen since they were launched.

The SEC has been telling everyone what the rules were for some time now.…

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