Shocker! Rural NHS Report Says Rural NHS Should Have More Cash

One way of reading this report is to insist that sure, rural services aren’t going to be as good as urban ones. On the other hand the air out there is likely to be better, brays are better than boom boxes as a soundtrack, the green and pleasant land has its merits over urban grit. Take the rough with the smooth folks, all of life is a series of trade offs.

That’s not quite how it works of course, so we get this:

Patients who live in the country are getting a raw deal because rural hospitals are under-funded, research suggests.

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As Uganda Finds Out, Demanding National Broadband Costs Money In Reduced MTN Fees

Entirely so, of course we’d just love to have complete and clear national coverage for voice and mobile internet. Even, for broadband over mobile. Just as we’d entirely love to power the place on unicorn emissions and have candy floss for tea every single day. The thing is it’s not possible to have all we want. Other than the non-existence of unicorns everything has a cost to it. Like, having reliable, clear, national – even in remote rural areas – telecoms coverage costs money.…

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MPs More Than A Day Late, Pound Short, On 4G Spectrum Coverage

Well done to MPs here, well done indeed, for they’re more than a day late. Which might actually be early for some significant portion of them. They’ve decided to call for coverage standards for 4G – those with licences must agree to cover 95% of the land mass of the country, reducing those rural “not spots” which so plague the yokels. The problem here is that the spectrum to allow all of this to be done was sold off last month.…

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What A Shocking Finding About Rural Broadband! Shame!

This is just such a shame, such a one that we should all hang our heads in it. Rural broadband is slower than urban!

Broadband speeds in rural areas are up to three times slower than those in neighbouring cities, analysis has found.

That just is such a disaster, isn’t it? Do note the near obligatory Lake Wobegon reference:

Statistics published by the county councils network show that more than two-thirds of England’s counties are below the national average download speed of 45mbit/s.

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