Young Peoples’ Dreams Of A Home Of Their Own

Apparently the young of today simply aren’t ever going to gain a home of their own.

Young Britons believe dream of owning home is over, survey says

It’s not going to work out that way. Not in the slightest.

One of Britain’s biggest mortgage lenders has found that 70% of young people now believe that the homeownership dream is over for their generation.

Just not how the world works. As Alex Tabarrok has been known to point out.…

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Banco Santander Credit Card Computers Hacked

Just a little warning for people out there. The Banco Santander credit card computers and servers have been hacked.

No seguimento de Alerta relativo a movimentação suspeita efectuada com o seu cartão tentámos contactá-lo, sem sucesso. Por uma questão de segurança o cartão referido foi cancelado por fraude. Para qualquer informação adicional relativa ao cartão cancelado e aos movimentos que originaram o seu cancelamento, poderá contactar a Superlinha para o número…….. ou, em alternativa, deslocar-se ao seu balcão.

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Mother Loses Children For Working Too Hard – Matriarchy Or Patriarchy?

A case from Spain in which a court has awarded sole custody to the ex-husband rather than the mother. The argument being that she works too hard as a lawyer to be caring for the children sufficiently. This bringing into rather sharp focus the clash between career progression – something that requires dedicated hard work – and the needs of children for care.

It would, for example, be entirely unfair if a woman were to lose custody in a manner in which a man would not.…

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