Universal Credit – Giving Money To People Should Be Easy, Right?

A torrid tale about Universal Credit.

Girls, working

The lady in question, Portuguese by nationality, is here in the UK. She worked on the streets – yes, that’s a euphemism – and was sending money back to her son and family at home.

She manages to get out of the game and on to benefits. And then? Well, given Brexit she needs to apply for settled status. Which involves forms, bureaucracy, lost documents and so on.…

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Sexy Piccies Are A Turn On For Both Men And Women

The standard belief is that it’s men, overwhelmingly, who are interested in sexy pictures. This ties in with the general view of male sexuality, more attuned to visual clues than those of status as with women. Hmm, well, collate your prejudices as you have them perhaps. Research now tries to say that this is not so:

Women as likely to be turned on by sexual images as men – study

That is interesting, isn’t it?…

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Proving Gary Becker’s Contention – The Stripper With The Lousy Boyfriend

Not that we’d look to Salon for good sense on anything of course but even the things they miss, the errors in their thinking are useful to understand. The agony aunt column has a piece from a stripper who seems blessed with a lousy boyfriend. She’s earning the money, he’s living off it and ain’t that terrible. The advice back is that you’re just great girl and you should do whatever.

There’s a certain amusement at the lack of equality being shown here.…

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Fat Girls Are Kinkier

From The Guardian’s column where people reveal bits and bobs about their sex lives:

My life in sex: ‘I’ve been told that, as a fat girl, I should be grateful for attention’

Well, yes and no, yes and no.

Since I started dating in 2015, I’ve been flashed, stood up, verbally abused and generally used as a replacement for masturbation. I’ve lost count of how often I’ve been ghosted – both before and after sex.

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Universal Credit Is The Reason There’s No Sex Slavery In The UK

We’re often enough told that there’s some massive amount of sex slavery in Britain. This would be a bad thing as sex slavery is repeated rape. Despite what we’re so repeatedly told though there’s very little evidence of it actually happening. Operation Pentameter used every police force in the country to go look for it for 6 months. And Assembled Plod found not one single person in the entire country they could prosecute for the crime.…

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Seriously Silly Mars Colonisation Speculation – No Sex With Earthlings!

There is an entirely reasonable concern here, that any colonisation of Mars is going to lead to a population vulnerability. but the idea that humans on Mars would evolve away from having an immune system is silly to the point of insanity. That really just isn’t the way that the subject works out:

One change that could occur relatively fast? Non-Earth dwelling humans may quickly lose their immune system. In a sterile environment with no microorganisms present, the residents may have no need for a body capable of fighting germs.

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The Difference Between Sex Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation

Sex trafficking, properly defined, is the repeated rape of an individual. This is monstrous and we should – and do – fight it wherever we can. Sexual exploitation is a phrase with a less certain meaning. For what is to exploit? A Marxist would say that any worker not gaining the full value of their labour is being exploited. A feminist – at least some of them – would say that any woman – they tend to forget the existence of male prostitution – selling sex is being exploited.…

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A Man Who Gives Birth Is Not A Man, Sorry, She Isn’t

That there are transexuals and always have been is an obvious statement about the human condition. That one may be of whatever sex it occurs to declare as might be a useful piece of societal politesse but it’s not a reflection of that reality outside the window – as so much of societal politesse is not. Which gives us this lady who has just given birth, a lady who is insisting that she is in fact a man.…

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The Pill Changed Pre-Marital Bonking More Than Extra-Marital

An interesting – for a change – piece from Yvonne Roberts talking about that great sexual revolution of the 1960s. Yes, Women’s Lib, the sexual revolution, the pill and all that. But there’s an interesting point that she rather skates over. Or perhaps doesn’t quite recognise, even if the ingredients are all there.

Extramarital sex wasn’t invented in the 60s, as the myth-makers have it, but it was encouraged by improved contraception and liberalised legislation on homosexuality, abortion and divorce.

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James Corden’s Right, The Chubby Don’t Get To Be Romantic Leads

James Corden is entirely correct here, the chubby – the comfortably cuddly even – don’t get to be the romantic leads in films and TV shows. And if you think it’s bad for men then it is of course even more absurdly so for women. The thing is this isn’t new in the slightest. Any even vague attention paid to the physique of actors will show that they’re simply not built along the same lines as the rest of us.…

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