The Synagogue Shootings – What We never Do See Said About Terrorist Acts

All reporting is obviously partial – no one ever does set aside all of their own views. Even what to report is itself an expression of partiality. The latest outrage, the shooting at the Synagogue in California, is as much as tragedy as the violent deaths in other events around the world. The Christchurch mosque events, the Sri Lankan bombings, those mass shootings at Coptic Churches in Egypt and on and on. Someone might even think that there’s an evil inherent in the human heart.…

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Oh Dear, Another Owen Jones Shoot Off Mouth, Shoot Off Foot Moment

It’s almost as if Owen Jones is suffering from otherfootitis, the inability to open mouth other than to change feet. He’s, obviously enough, outraged by the coverage of the Christchurch shootings. Those who must carry part of the blame being those who write the British papers.

As is noted:

As I warned yesterday, people whose political identity depends on increasing polarisation and point-scoring can’t resist an atrocity. An horrific event like the mass-shooting by a far-right terrorist in New Zealand yesterday should, as I said, give us pause for thought.

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Facebook, Twitter And Christchurch Mosque Shooting Video – How To Stop It Spreading?

Assume that we do in fact want to stop the gunman’s video of the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand from spreading. How do we do that? We’ve now wired the world so that billions can send each other video as and when they wish for nothing. It’s a very good system, a great human achievement. But if people are to use it in a manner we’d really rather such things are not used then what do we do about it?…

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Preventing School Shootings

I’ve read a wide variety of recommendations to prevent another school massacre in different places. I’m sure they all mean well, but most will be very difficult or impossible to implement.

Those who wish to further restrict gun rights may win a few battles, but even if they are very successful they aren’t going to change the landscape of the U.S. by much. If there is a “next shooter” out there right now he probably isn’t going to be affected by any new gun laws.…

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