Making And Selling Coca Cola Is A Sin Says The Senior Lecturer

A gentleman who is soon to be unemployed as an economics professor tells us that the production and sale of Coca Cola is a sin:

If sin such a terrible thing when it comes in the form a can of Coke? Well, yes it is when the planet cannot afford that waste of resources, the product is laden with anti-competitive protections and potential tax loopholes, and it happens to have contributed to substantial increases in childhood (and other) obesity.

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Berkeley Soda Study – Sugar Taxes Are Definitely, Definitively, Regressive

Much is being made of this new study about Berkeley’s soda tax. That it has all been terribly successful, that lots of people are drinking very much less sugary pop and that this is all a great thing. No doubt we’ll have health experts along in a moment to tell us all about that. From our point of view here this does have an item of interest – such sugar taxes are definitely, definitively, regressive. They really do weigh more heavily upon the poor.…

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Philadelphia’s Soda Pop Tax – As Marie Antoinette Would Say, It’s The Perfect Tax, Just Super!

Philadelphia has tried out that soda pop tax for us all and we can see how it’s going, The result is that it’s just the perfect form of taxation. The richer among us avoid it entirely, the poor end up paying it all and as no one is changing their soda pop consumption it raises lots of money. As Marie Antoinette would point out to us this makes it just the perfect form of taxation, doesn’t it?…

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