Seriously Silly Mars Colonisation Speculation – No Sex With Earthlings!

There is an entirely reasonable concern here, that any colonisation of Mars is going to lead to a population vulnerability. but the idea that humans on Mars would evolve away from having an immune system is silly to the point of insanity. That really just isn’t the way that the subject works out:

One change that could occur relatively fast? Non-Earth dwelling humans may quickly lose their immune system. In a sterile environment with no microorganisms present, the residents may have no need for a body capable of fighting germs.

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Actual Real Science, How Does A Year In Space Age A Twin – Or A Year On Earth

Something from the Conversation. Nasa has identical twins, both of whom were astronauts. One of them spent a year up at the ISS. So, what’s the effect upon the body’s ageing process of that year in space? How does it differ from a year down here?

Actually, rather a fun piece. Proper job science as Jethro would say:

Does a year in space make you older or younger?

Daily life aboard the International Space Station moves fast.…

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