The Synagogue Shootings – What We never Do See Said About Terrorist Acts

All reporting is obviously partial – no one ever does set aside all of their own views. Even what to report is itself an expression of partiality. The latest outrage, the shooting at the Synagogue in California, is as much as tragedy as the violent deaths in other events around the world. The Christchurch mosque events, the Sri Lankan bombings, those mass shootings at Coptic Churches in Egypt and on and on. Someone might even think that there’s an evil inherent in the human heart.…

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Fancy Killing People For a Living? Sri Lanka’s Advertising For Hangmen

Perhaps you’re a psychopath who enjoys the terror on peoples’ faces as they understand they’re just about to die. Possibly you’re a well meaning and good natured sort who just thinks the world would be a better place without certain types in it. Whichever it is that leads to your desire to kill people your luck is in. For Sri Lanka is looking to hire hangmen:

Sri Lanka began advertising for hangmen this week, as the country’s president ramps up his war on drugs.

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