The Human Cost Of Fast Fashion

This is the sort of idiocy that really, truly, grates:

Yes, fast fashion is a disaster, and of course we should be horrified at the human cost of a T-shirt that’s being sold for £4.

What human cost of a cheap t-shirt you daft bint?

As pointed out elsewhere:

Tim Worstall Visits Bangladesh

Bangladesh was the poorest place on the planet when I was a kid. We’ve defined relative global poverty upward. Now we talk about living on $2/day as extreme poverty, but it used to be $1/day, and most Bangladeshi’s didn’t make that much.…

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Make Your Minds Up Ladies – One Sized T-Shirts Are Discrimination Now?

What is and is not gender discrimination appears to be an ever moving feast. There was a time when making a difference, acting differently or providing so, on the basis of gender was that gender discrimination. Seems reasonable and logical that it should be that way too.

Sure, there are times when making a gender differentiation is important – as PJ O’Rourke put it, it’s vital when making babies – and times when it isn’t – trading bonds.…

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Girl Power T-Shirts – Factory Wages Are Just Fine For Bangladesh Actually

The Guardian tells us that those Girl Power t-shirts are made in a factory in Bangladesh. One that pays its workers only 42 pence an hour and isn’t this just disgusting and awful. Well, yes, actually, it is. That Bangladesh is this poor is indeed disgusting and awful. That wages are this low there is something we’d all like to change. But that’s just what wages are in Bangladesh, low, because it’s a poor place. Poor places have low wages, low wages mean a place is poor, that’s just how this economics stuff works.…

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The Horrors Of The Spice Girls T-Shirts – 35 Pence An Hour Wages In Bangladesh

The Guardian’s managed to get itself hoodwinked by some of the more obstreperous campaigners in this story about the making of the Spice Girls t-shirts in Bangladesh – the workers are making only 35 pence an hour. Well, yes, perhaps they are, that’s well above minimum wage in that country. It’s also well above the average wage in that country. The point being that Bangladesh is a poor place which is why people gain poor wages for their labour.…

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