Why Make Tampons More Expensive So The Capitalists Can Make More Profit?

As we know there mere idea that tampons and other such monthlies should pay tax is an outrage. Even that the European Union wouldn’t – until recently – allow us to remove the 5% VAT on them was something to be condemned. So, what are we to make of the idea that we should deliberately make them more expensive in order to benefit the capitalists?

No doubt feminists would be up in arms. Except if we talk about the development of a local tampon industry behind tariff barriers that’s exactly what we are doing.…

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Mary Queen Of Scots – Finally, A Truly Capitalist Film

That the world of luvvies trends culturally left wing is obvious and true. This has always been something of an oddity as the business itself – of film making, the record charts, even of actor’s careers – is one of the most ruthlessly capitalist and free market in the world. Bring in the money and you’ve a glittering career and great wealth is heaped upon you. Do stuff that no one likes or wishes to pay to see or hear and you’re stuck singing songs in between delivering the veal.…

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How We Reach MP’s Claim That Periods Cost Women £500 A Year – Tampons, Panties, Pain Relief, Chocolate, DVDs

A Member of Parliament claimed, yesterday, actually in the House of Commons, that periods cost British women £500 each a year. OK, so we can make jokes about replacing the thrown crockery if we wish but of course none of us would descend to mere comedy over such an important subject. Except, of course, those who are claiming the £500 figure. Because it’s tosh.

However, it’s interesting tosh for we’ve got here a useful little story about how untruths become accepted truths in the political discussion.…

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The Government Providing Free Tampons For All Would Be Lunacy

That all women should – do – have access to menstrual products is one of those things which happily marks out a rich and liberal society. Worth perhaps pointing out that not access to such is the mark of either a poor one or, as Solzhenitsyn complains bitterly in Gulag Archipelago, a socialist and planned one. It also seems fair enough that schools might have a box or two of something for those who forget, that hospitals stock as they do toilet paper.…

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