Technology Discovery Is Both Spreading And Diffusing – This Makes Us All Richer

In the longer term, as we know, productivity is pretty much everything. The things that drives productivity is the employment of technology. So, if more places are now designing new tech, and that knowledge is diffusing more than it did, then we’re all getting richer:

Technology diffusion and global living standards
Johannes Eugster, Giang Ho, Florence Jaumotte, Roberto Piazza 12 June 2019

Technology diffusion to emerging markets helps share growth potential across countries and lift global living standards.…

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Musuveni Demands Uganda Remain Poor – Go Slow On New Technologies He Says

Yoweri Musuveni doesn’t seem to understand how a place gets richer – through the adoption of new technologies. Given that he’s President of Uganda and has rather more power than he should over what happens in that country this misunderstanding – to be polite about it – doesn’t bode well for the future. For he says that Uganda should remain poorer for longer than it needs, by insisting that it should be slow to adopt new technologies.…

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Jeff Bezos Entirely Right – Humans Shouldn’t Do Work Software Can Do

Good to see that Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, has the right attitude towards human labour. We wish to destroy jobs wherever and whenever we can.

Jeff Bezos believes people shouldn’t do jobs software can do’

Exactly the right attitude to have. For there’s no shortage of work to be done, not at all. Therefore we always want to economise on that scarce resource, labour, to get that work done, don’t we?

“He has a mindset that people shouldn’t do jobs that software and technology can do.”

So, imagine this.…

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